Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It's now 24 hours after we got the magnificent news.

A wonderful victory!

The enemy was vanquished!

We achieved our goal of saving our party from the dire consequences of a Chris Huhne leadership.

Even though the margin was very narrow - what we cared about most was making sure that fellow party members learned the truth about Chris Huhne. And voted for Nick.

We'd like to thank the returning officer (!)

Seriously - there are a lot of people to thank. An endeavour like ours was naturally a collaborative effort. Gathering all the information from many sources took a lot of time and effort and research. And we thank all those who helped.

We'd especially like to thank all our pals at Cowley Street, at "the Broadway", the friends of Georgina and Alexandra who helped us so much, Huhne's former colleagues from The Guardian and Independent, and the "Clapham" team.

The election margin was frighteningly narrow. If another 260 people had voted differently - we would now be in the Dark Ages. Fortunately the right man prevailed and we now enter the sunlit uplands under Nick.

It is gratifying to note that we had over 500 views of our profile during the campaign. And that means that at least 500 people saw our blog entries and learned the truth about Chris Huhne.

Given the margin of 511 votes - perhaps we were able to help a little.

Iain Dale said that he thought that Chris Huhne would be "feeling gutted" by the result. Losing by such a close margin being worse than a sound thrashing.

We truly hope that is the case!

We in the party would certainly have been gutted to have Huhne as leader. If he is "feeling gutted" - that only sweetens Nick's victory for us!

We noted that in the last few days of the campaign the iron fist of Huhne and his apparat-chick (sic) Anna Werrin attempted to censor free speech by putting pressure on other bloggers who dared to share the truth or spread the word about Huhne. Heavy pressure and legal threats made etc etc. Just what we would expect from a slimy thug of his nature.

Well the bullying didn't work and Huhne will have to comfort himself in his seven homes ("but five are just rental properties!"), with the vast profits from his "investments" in unethical companies, and secure in the knowledge that for every person he has conned into liking him or voting for him - there is at least another person who sees through his smarmy, smug, arrogant veneer. Including some of his own "family"

Onward and upward!


Anonymous said...

Your site was a bloody disgrace, and I'm glad you've stopped posting now 'Tory Boy' Clegg has won.

Presumably you be posting another 'Mission Accomplished' posting when Sheffield Hallam's favourite polcy wonk has succeeded in reducing our vote, and helping Cameron into number Ten?

Chris was very gracious in defeat, some of us are less so!

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